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With the arrival of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, Apple is supporting a coque samsung galaxy j5 2016 paysage new video format coque samsung s5 cerf called HEVC, which replaces dimension coque samsung galaxy a3 the previous coque iphone xr swarovski standard most commonly used on Mac and iOS devices, namely H.264 / AVC. So why has Apple adopted the HEVC format, and what difference will it make to the end user

What is HEVC

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), coque samsung galaxy s6 edge manga also known as H.265, is a next generation video compression standard developed by a group of encoding experts called the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding. The HEVC video format has been in existence since around 2013, and HEIF is the still image version of the standard that both iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra also support. (You can learn more about HEIF here.)

Benefits of HEVC

Apple’s decision to adopt HEVC basically coque samsung galaxy s3 tete de mort means two things higher quality video and better compression rates. The HEVC standard enables coque samsung galaxy note 3 nike a video to be compressed into a file that is about half the size (or half the bit rate) of H.264 / AVC. To put that another way, a HEVC video file coque samsung s5 metal offers coque samsung galacy grand prime significantly better visual quality than an AVC file of equivalent size or bit rate. While results vary depending on the type of content and the encoder settings, videos encoded in HEVC typically exhibit fewer compression coque samsung galaxy core prime ours artifacts and offer smoother playback than videos coque iphone xr bape encoded using AVC.

According to coque iphone xr army Apple, HEVC can compress 4K video files to up to 40 percent smaller file sizes than AVC without losing quality, which means users who upgrade their devices to iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra will be able to take the same high quality videos without using up as much storage space. To check if your device’s camera is capturing video in HEVC, go to Settings> Camera> Formats, and ensure the “High Efficiency” option is selected.

All iOS devices running iOS 11 and coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 harry potter all Macs on High Sierra will support HEVC playback, with encoding/decoding hardware acceleration on newer iOS devices and the coque samsung galaxy s4 jack daniels latest 2017 Macs offering faster performance combined with less coque samsung j3 2017 marque battery drain. Readers interested in further transcoding details are coque samsung j3 2016 housse advised to watch Apple’s dedicated HEVC codec coque iphone xr bresil video coque travel iphone xr presentation.


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