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Samsung tempers record earnings with pessimistic smartphone outlook

Samsung’s latest earnings report is a coque iphone 5 serie tv succinct lesson in hoping for the best and coque huawei y5 2018 rigide preparing for the worst. The actual news here is pretty positive, as the company reports a record operating profit, courtesy of high demand for its components and flagship handsets.

But a statement tied to the news mentions coque iphone 5s motif bretagne “slow demand” no fewer coque iphone 5 à personnaliser than seven times, as the company looks to temper investor expectations, Those warnings coque iphone 6s panpan largely revolve around the company’s display panel offerings and a perceived stagnations in the mobile sector in general.

“For the second quarter,” the company writes in a statement, “Samsung expects the Memory Business to maintain its strong performance, but generating overall earnings growth across the company coque iphone se ou 5s will be a challenge due to weakness in the Display coque huawei y6 ii 2017 Panel segment and a decline in profitability in the Mobile Business amid rising competition in the high end segment.”

The slow down, coque iphone 4 lyon it seems, coque iphone 4 fallout has already had an coque iphone 3 lego impact on the display side, though Samsung’s weathered much worse than this already. coque iphone 6 avec noeud Keep in mind how the whole Note 7 debacle didn’t make a dent in the company’s profitability. Samsung is the coque mickey huawei y6 2017 consumer electronics poster child from the importance of product diversity.

There’s some Apple shade implied here as well. coque rigide huawei p8lite 2016 After all, Samsung provides the coque huawei y6 marvel OLED panel for its chief competitor’s ultra premium handset, coque iphone se hardcore leaving Wall Street to coque iphone 5s de fleur infer that less than stellar iPhone X sales was a contributor here. Samsung’s forecast also includes warnings around slowed demand for its own coque iphone 5 hurley handsets in the next quarter.

“In the Mobile Business,” Samsung writes, “profitability is expected to decline QoQ due to stagnant sales coque iphone 8 plus rose apple of flagship models amid weak demand and coque iphone 5c avec mickey an increase in marketing expenses.” That’s due, at least in part, to a natural cycle as the initial hype dies down coque iphone 6 plus intégrale though there also appears coque iphone 4 hd to be a larger global smartphone slow down at play here as well. But the coque iphone 6 plus lacroix company says it believes that will be buoyed in part by coque iphone tour increased summer demand for TVs and air conditioners. People might not be buying as many new smartphones in the future, but hey, climate change will make sure we always need ACs.. coque huawei p smart 2019 bts.

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