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The big story at CES 2018

Amazon magasin personnalisation coque iphone Alexa smart assistant coque iphone xs souple noir was thequiet star of the show at last coque iphone 5c sex year CES. The technology was packed coque iphone 6s plus aluminium into a variety of smart home products, ranging from speakers and radios through to lamps and vacuum coque iphone 6 pas cher france cleaners. This year, Google Assistant is at it too, vying for support coque iphone xs coque recharge iphone 10 incassable in a range of third party products as it looks to become the voice assistant of choice in your home.

Oddly enough, Amazon coque iphone 7 noir amazon and Google have historically been two major names that you barely notice at trade shows, as their hardware businesses have been coque iphone 6 gorilla secondary to their software services.

As the smart assistant and smart home markets continue to grow, we going to see an increasing variety of traditional electronic devices and new coque iphone silicone xs use cases boast new smart capabilities. Everything coque iphone 6s walking dead ranging from fridges tuto changement coque iphone 3gs to retail environments, and even transportation will likely be involved.

The two ecosystems are also likely to continue to expand their coque iphone 6s gris anthracite range of and to enable us to do more. The smart modele coque iphone (s assistant with the biggest product catalog and widest range of features is the one les coque iphone that will surely come out on top.

Clearly, CES is more important to the two companies than ever this year, and we already seeing an increased presence from the two at the 2018 show. Both companies will be sending their executives out to coque iphone xs vert pomme booths, Amazon is hosting amazon coque iphone 7plus an outdoor promotional area right near the epicenter of Las Vegas Convention Center, and Google has plastered Google ads all over the Las Vegas Monorail and numerous billboards. Even so, we likely see more of the two assistants incorporated into products coque iphone 6 fromage showcased by other companies.

To see how this showdown shakes out at CES 2018, we keeping track of the best and most interesting coque iphone 6 + apple products that boast Alexa and/or Google Assistant support. Vuzix glasses can display maps, coque incassable pour iphone xs sports scores, and much more. According to a recent report fromReuters, some of these were discounted

That being said, Alexa is also increasing its presence in products too and a surprising number of manufacturers are actually supporting both platforms in a bid to reach as many consumers as possible. It difficult to find coque iphone 7 plus geek a product that doesn boast either of the two, making smart assistants the undisputed winner of the show.

Of course, this isn to say that Google Assistant is going to come out on top over 2018. If anything the company huge presence at CES 2018 underlines how much work Google still has to do to catch up with Alexa in terms on install coque iphone 4 gamer base. Alexa smart speakers are expected to have outsold coque iphone 6 cristal Google Home products by three to one throughout 2017, so the consumer momentum is clearly with Amazon. The presence of Assistant in coque iphone xs max neymar a huge number of products at CES might just help to close the gap over the coming year…

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