But the crowd appeared to be pretty small in the

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cheap jerseys The Prime Minister believes this would avoid any unnecessary confusion about his attendance. The Courier Mail has reported that ARL Commission chairman Peter V will ask for a bailout from the government as the sport aims to survive the coronavirus crisis with the game going behind closed doors from round two.V will reportedly approach the government seeking a rescue package that could the $235 million the sporting administrator secured for the horseracing industry during the equine influenza outbreak appears many fans also decided to stay away from the NRL matches on Saturday with some big spaces in the crowd during the Sharks Rabbitohs game and the earlier Knights Warriors match.The official crowd figure was 6,235.But after 21,363 turned out for the Eels on Thursday night and 22,459 at the Cowboys opening at Queensland Country Bank Stadium against the Broncos drew 22,459 fans, the crowds have dropped.Souths averaged 15,601 in home games last season, while ANZ Stadium averaged just 13,212 in all 20 games last season.But the crowd appeared to be pretty small in the massive ground for the Bunnies season opener.However, some in the NRL don believe the competition can proceed for much longer.Clearly sport takes a back seat in times of crisis, but a comment on empty stadiums. It’s tricky not just for fans athletes, but commentators too cheap jerseys.

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