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Self Defense Archives You are here: Home / Archives for Defense / Self dihn van bague argent Defense Evasive Driving Tactics for SHTF Even without an SHTF scenario, our roads are teeming with drivers looking for potential targets. coque iphone xr bague argent taille 64 femme From criminals to assailants, the reasons you may have for evading and avoiding someone while pomellato bague argent in your vehicle are bague argent ancien innumerable. coque huawei We use our vehicles for a vast percentage of our transportation needs, and the chances of us[Read more.] Civil War Preparedness Part 3: Protecting bague argent eclat de diamant Yourself Note: This is part 3 of our three part series on Civil War Preparedness. coque huawei Cities are taking over the world, so to speak. More people live in them bague argent hermes occasion than ever and more of them are popping up all over the world. coque huawei Learning to survive in a dense urban environment[Read more.] How bague or jaune pierre noire People Survived The Jewish Ghetto in WWII World War II and bague argent motif vague the holocaust serve as terrifying reminders of how ethnic persecution and totalitarian regimes can lead to some of the worst atrocities humans are capable of. coque iphone xs Each theatre of the war and each city occupied present their own collection of horrors, bague argent rodier heroes, and stories that we should strive to remember[Read more.] Street Fighting Skills: How The Navy Seals Train While the Navy Seals are one of the world’s most feared fighting forces, much of their training is kept hidden from the public eye. coque iphone 7 pas cher While it is impossible to know exactly what the bague argent moyen age femme Navy Seals of today are up to behind closed doors, we can look to Veterans and training programs of the past to help us figure out what[Read more.] Weapons of Opportunity: How to Use Everyday Objects bague argent taille 51 for Self Defense When yours or the lives of others bague argent qualité are at stake, you need every possible advantage you can get. Not having a weapon when facing an armed opponent is a grim prospect. coque iphone 8 pas cher Learning to use everyday items in these violent confrontations allows you to even the odds, even if just a bit. If someone attacks you with a knife,[Read more.] Marksmanship bague argent femme titane Tips: How To Shoot Like A Pro While the basic concept of shooting is solde bague argent pandora easy to understand, many find that they struggle to maintain accurate groupings even under easy shooting conditions. When you are facing an bague or saphir rubis emeraude urban survival scenario, you may not bague argent femme solde have the luxury bague argent coeur rouge of a missed shot. coque iphone supreme iphone 11 case In this article, we will go over the 5 main shooting principles[Read more.] Urban Survival: How To Survive A Mugging Some of bague or jaune diamants et saphirs us spend a lot of time preparing ourselves and our gear for when the SHTF. coque iphone 5 pas cher But what happens if disaster strikes when you aren’t ready bague or blanc jaunit for it More importantly, what do you do when you find yourself in a life or death confrontation We have discussed a series of scenarios with bague or blanc monte carlo former military, police, and[Read more.] How To Defend Yourself Using Only A Knife For thousands of years, knives have remained one of the most popular weapons for self defense. Even today in the age of semi automatic handguns that are easily concealed, many people still choose to carry a knife due to bague argent croisee their convenience, safety, and lack of legal restrictions. iphone 11 case However, if you’re going to[Read more.] 6 Concealed Carry Tips for Preppers There are countless articles about concealed carry and how to do it properly. coque iphone However, the overwhelming majority of those articles focus on concealed carry in everyday life. coque samsung While that is definitely critical information, there are far fewer articles that discuss concealed carry by preppers during an actual SHTF or[Read more.] Body Armor bague argent travaillé for Urban Survival: Here’s What You Need One of the most overlooked pieces of tactical equipment for civilians, without question, is body armor. Many people are under the impression that bague or et diamant coeur body armor is for the military and bague argent onyx diamant law enforcement only. This could not be further from the truth.

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