Addiction to Marijuana

Addiction to MarijuanaEach day, more and more people are getting addicted with marijuana. This drug has been reported to be one of the most addictive drugs alongside nicotine and cocaine. When taken occasionally and in small amounts, marijuana won’t cause severe health conditions; however, it is seldom the case for most people since they can easily get addicted to this drug. Most of the time, marijuana users will have a difficult time lessening and quitting the habit much less doing it on their own.  This is why the government has taken necessary actions to give those individuals the chance to change and become healthier by funding projects such as rehabilitation programs and therapeutic classes.  This is usually where you end up when you test positive for drug use in legal courts. These centers can help you overcome and fix your problems in your marijuana addiction.

However, this step to health living won’t be as easy as you may think it would be since sudden withdrawal is associated with some side effects that should be attended to. Some of the signs and symptoms associated with sudden withdrawal of marijuana use are as follows; insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, extreme want of marijuana, feelings of disturbance or ailment, easily agitated or aggressive. These signs and symptoms can stay for as long as a week and should be treated with medical care. Unlike alcohol and cocaine, marijuana can pose several life-threatening diseases when taken on large quantities and increased frequencies. Such diseases include; memory damage, ineffective absorption of knowledge, lung infection, improved risk for some types of cancer such as brain cancer, reduced sperm count for men, and greater risks for heart diseases such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. These are only some of the major complications you may end up with if you don’t stop smoking marijuana. Unfortunately, there are no medications that have been proven to reduce or diminish marijuana addiction. Although, psychosocial interventions have been proven to work well with patients. These psychosocial interventions include community and chance reinforcements, support group and intellectual behavioral treatment. In addition, these types of treatment are usually provided to out-patients considering that they have no reoccurring cognitive disorders that may make the treatment more complex. It is ideal that the patient seek this type of treatment as soon as possible to make it easier to cure his/her addiction to marijuana.

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  1. brandon prazmowski

    this website is fucking bullshit . i can disprove a lot the BS it’s feeding people with sources out the wazoo . don’t believe anything on this site . even though some stuff is true , theres a lot of false information on here . a very one-sided website .

  2. The amount of misinformation in this article is ridiculous. It’s obvious the author has never taken the time to research anything written about herein. I do not use cannabis in any way and I never have but I like to think of myself as being well-educated and very capable of critical thinking. The authors lack of ability to think critically is evident in this article and it definitely subtracts from his/her credibility as an author. Do yourselves a favor people: Learn to think critically for yourself. Don’t believe everything you read. 90% of this article is completely false. It saddens me to see such ignorance displayed so blatantly to such a wide audience. I can’t help but think the people who are incapable of thinking for themselves are being taken advantage of for the authors personal gain.

    To the author: You should research a topic before writing an article about it. I hate to say anything negative to any person but, you will not go very far as a writer if you continue to pass on the misinformation you have been exposed to your whole life.

  3. This is pure horsepukky! I’ve been a marijuana user on & off for years. When I dont have it, thats no biggie. No withdrawl, nothing. I get more upset if theres no chocolate in the house! Theres no such thing as ADDICTION to Marijuana, period!

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