Pot as an anti-depressant

Cannabis is a great cure and is very effective in treating a variety of mental health disorders such as insomnia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and depression.

While those who suffer from insomnia will vouch for the effectiveness of pot in helping them get a full night’s sleep without disturbances, those suffering from ADD will also vouch for pot’s effectiveness in calming down their racing thoughts and helping them to relax.

While prescription medicines work for many people helping them to sleep and combat ADD, some are resistant to them. For such patients a course of cannabis does wonders.

Cannabis is also used to treat both SAD and full blown depression. To get the best results many smoke Sativa through a glass bong. This is said to yield better results than smoking a joint. While SAD is treated using full spectrum lighting, depression needs more medication.

As many insomniacs also suffer from depression and ADD, it makes sense to treat all three ailments using the same medication – medical marijuana.

Apart from curing physical health problems such as heart ailments and bacterial infections, cannabis is also very effective in keeping depression at bay. Many people who suffer from depression have attested to this fact.

Of course pot alone is not the answer when you are fighting depression. One also needs to surround oneself with loved ones such as friends. However, there is no negating the fact that smoking pot helps improve the mood of depressed people.

Whether you are suffering from ADD, SAD, insomnia, or depression you are bound to feel vastly better if you smoke some cannabis at regular intervals. Just ensure that you also take other steps to combat your illness. Try it and feel the difference in your health levels for yourself.

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