The Pot Book: A History of Marijuana

A psychiatrist, Julie Holland, has come out with a new collection of essays titled The Pot Book, which is about the history and science of marijuana.  Basically it’s about the plant itself.  She believes in the legalization of marijuana and talks about these issues in her book.

Julie has attended the NYU School of Medicine and has been an author before, but is bringing marijuana to light with this new book.  She didn’t want to put marijuana on the cover because she believes it is a political slur.  She said, “When they made alcohol legal, there were a lot of feds who were out of work and they decided to make cannabis illegal, right around that same time, 1937.”  She then talked about how cannabis was a medicine and that the doctors knew it was back then and use to prescribe it to their patients.

Julie believes like many of us that cannabis can be used as a medicine.  She said, “I mean, these are illegal drugs that have the potential to be useful as medicine.”  For thousands of years this was a medicine and then all of a sudden it was made illegal.  It’s in the same class of drug as MDMA, which is a Schedule I drug.  Making it a Schedule I drug makes it hard to research and pushes the drug underground to the black market where a lot of people will still buy it.  They do this so they don’t have to regulate the drug, but that’s real problem these days.

Children are becoming the easiest way to get cannabis.  They can get it quicker than they can get alcohol or cigarettes because dealers don’t card.  This is a real problem and needs to be fixed by regulating marijuana just like alcohol.  Julie didn’t even know anything about marijuana before writing this book; it took her three years just to edit it.   That alone shows you that she put the time, the effort, and the research into finding out the true facts.  If you pick up this book you won’t be disappointed.  It’s from a great author and it’s a great guide to knowing about cannabis.

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