The Effects of Smoking Marijuana

The significant number of experts have reached the conclusion that marijuana use on regular basis and its long term effects can appear and
develop in different forms inside your body, both mentally and physically. One of the marijuana use effects is to occur in the lungs.
Though, the most common reasons would apply to the fact of smoking and inhaling a certain amount of smoke inside your lungs on a regular basis.
The latest studies being performed on this matter have proven the effect after the marijuana cigarette is five (5) times stronger in comparison
to the case when tabacco cigarette had been smoked. The reason is the following: significant number of the marijuana users have not used the
help of a filter.

Factually, this smoke penetrates in the lungs much easier on the conditions of absence of anything to partially stop the smoke from being
completely inhaled. People suffering from asthma or bronchitis are not recommended to smoke the marijuana due to the character of the illness.
According to the same reason, it is very unlikely for them to try smoking in the first place. There is another physical effect carried by regular
marijuana use for a long period of time. The significant damage is to be inflicted on the reproductive organs. For the women which use the marijuana
on a regular basis it means the high possibility of spoiling the menstrual cycle regularity. Therefore, their ability of becoming pregnant is
highly reduced.

For the men, there are the chain of symptoms to lead towards decreasing of sexuality, the reduction of sperm count comparing to normal one. In some
cases a dysfunction at the erectile function can be presented. The marijuana use also creates and develops the mental effects which are to be
manifested after a prolonged marijuana use on a regular basis. The vast number of the mental effects actually arise in short term forms, such as a
loss of memory, headaches, etc. And in some cases of high psychical sensitivity it appears as a depression and light form of of paranoia. For
avoiding all the above effects influence the marijuana use should be considered as the way to week ends’ relaxation, when next day you should not work
at the daily tasks to require the use of responsibility sense.

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