South Dakota loses on Medical Marijuana

Well this isn’t the first time medical marijuana has been on a ballot in South Dakota.  Yesterday medical marijuana was rejected once again in the state, which was an effort to allow patients suffering from debilitating medical condition legal access to marijuana.  The vote on the supporter side received about 48% of the vote and lost to those opposed to it, which received 65%.  The last time the vote went up in smoke like this for South Dakota was four years ago.

People who introduced Measure 13 were an issue of compassion, which it seems people this time don’t care about other people.  People suffering from multiple sclerosis or nausea from cancer will have to find other drugs to deal with their pain.  They will have to get their marijuana from the black market if they don’t wan to deal with side effects from prescription drugs.  It also makes patients, who are ordinary citizens, criminals in the eyes of the law.  This is wrong!

South Dakota would have been the 15th state to legalize marijuana medically right behind NJ.  The rules would have been strict if not stricter than NJ’s set of rules.  Either way patients are the ones ultimately suffering in the entire mess that is going on dealing with marijuana.

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