Shoot-out over Marijuana grow operation

Residents near a secluded Lakebay property are being urged to stay in their homes and lock the doors after shoot-out happened.  The suspects are still at large and the police are saying stay in your house.  The gun battle in Lakebay happened on Thursday night; where the residence allegedly contained marijuana grow operation.

Police believe more than 100 rounds were fired after shots started ringing out around 8:30 p.m. at night.  The men are believed to have been carrying shotguns, handguns, and knives.  One suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and another was suffering from gunshot wounds.  Police believe there are at least three other men, maybe four, who remain loose.

Legalization of marijuana will take this criminal activity away.  Those guys were probably protecting their grow operations.  Although I believe what the cops were doing was legal and they were fired at so they had to protect themselves, but it wouldn’t have to come to this type of situation if you had a regulated and controlled marijuana system.

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