Price drops for Pot: Workers future can be hazy

If the price were to drop for marijuana due to the legalization of the drug, would the future jobs of marijuana workers be hazy?  According to the Rand Corporation they estimate that the price could drop more than 80 percent, bringing a joint to as low as $1.50 if the legalization occurs.  Of course this stirs up a debate over whether new legal marijuana business that will emerge will be sufficient to create and maintain well-paying jobs in the market place.

The way I look at it though is it will create jobs.  We have many of unemployed people that are willing to learn a new market place and a new industry.  We have states that are so far in debt they can’t fix roads, give new education, and are laying-off important people.  I’m not talking about the people on Wall Street; I’m talking about people who are police officers, EMT workers, firefighters, and teachers.  They are the important figures in this world.

People such as Jeff Wilcox are promising some 400 union-scale jobs serving the medical marijuana market alone.  He thinks the boom in employment can reap up to $250 million if California votes yes to Prop 19 and legalize the use of marijuana beyond medical use.

The only fear is that giant corporations might come in and suck up the industry.  That is why people are doing what they can now to get ready of the bill is approved.  Legalizing marijuana is good for big business, but great for small business, which in my opinion is the backbone of this country.  Lets let the little guy win for a chance, what do we have to lose as a society.

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