Michelle Rainey dies from Cancer

Michelle Rainey, medical marijuana advocate, died from cancer.  She was Marc Emery’s ex-business partner and had lived with Crohn’s Disease since a teenager.  In her last years of her life she struggled against melanoma and lymphatic cancer.

Her husband Jef Tek and mother Emilie, who were by her side holding her hand when she succumbed Wednesday night, survive her.  The 39 year old was the organizational force behind Emery’s pot-based business empire although their relationship deteriorated and they split after being hit with a 2005 U.S. drug and money laundering indictment.

She had a show on YouTube titled Michelle’s Medicinal Marijuana, distributing cannabis education packages to those who in need and being a director for Treating Yourself Magazine, she was tenacious proselytizer for the plant and its therapeutic properties.

She was involved a lot for the medical marijuana movement even buying Ronald Reagan’s old tour bus and renaming it Cannabus.  She will be greatly missed, but her efforts will continue.  Prop 19 will legalize marijuana and I’m sure she will be smiling down in happiness after it gets the yes vote it needs.

Some of her last words were, “I want people to keep working, keep working for change because too many sick people are still having difficulty getting their medication.  Change is going to come.”

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