Medical Marijuana advocates oppose Prop. 19

You read the title right and you’re asking yourself how can someone who has any involvement want to oppose this bill.  As I’m writing this I’m still wondering myself how anyone dealing with the drug marijuana wouldn’t want this bill to pass.  This has been a long time coming and too many people have fought to get this drug legalized for medical and recreational purposes.

Well a coalition of medical marijuana advocates who oppose the bill came out Tuesday to let people know how they feel.  Amir Saliri, president of Cascade Wellness Center, a medical cannabis dispensary north of Chico, said, “The people who would be most affected are the sick, the elderly-patients who cannot grow their own and cannot travel to pick up a prescription.”  The gathering outside the Capitol said may cities, towns, etc. would impose such bans if voters approve the initiative, leaving patients with fewer options.

These people obviously don’t understand what this law will do for everyone.  In fact supporters of Proposition 19 said it explicitly protects the rights of patients and would provide them with safer and easier access to medical dispensaries in a controlled, clearly defined legal system.  They won’t have to worry about going to jail for using the medicine they need.

If and when Proposition 19 passes in California, it will be the first state to legalize and regulate the use or marijuana.  They were the first to decriminalize it and first to legalize medical marijuana and now in our foreseeable future I believe they will be the first state to accomplish a long sought out goal.

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