Marijuana March Down State Street in Madison

Does someone smell hemp?  Well if you were anywhere near State Street in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday you probably did.  The smell filled the air along with hope around the state Capitol as hundreds of medical marijuana advocates marched down State Street into Madison’s downtown area.

Most activists lit up when the police weren’t watching and protested against prohibition of medical marijuana in Wisconsin.  Other activists spoke of the benefits of the drug and why reaching legalization is important.

Jacob Winkleman, a Madison East High School student, said, “It would open up millions of jobs.”  “Make it in paper, you get up a paper company, make new clothes company, oils, foods, tea, you know, whatever, medical uses.  It just makes money and would better the economy.”

A lot of people also spoke out against those legislators who refused to pass the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act last year.

That is why it is important for people in California as people to unite as one so they can get proposition 19 passed.  The people we elect into power need to start realizing what the people want and need.

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