Northern Cali said no to Prop 19

Deep in the Emerald Triangle, where everything magical is created, marijuana farmers have been making a decent living illegally off marijuana crops.  The medical marijuana boom in 1996 when Prop 215 was passed made these farmers even richer.  Is it a surprise they voted no?  When it came to Prop 19, they had to consider the law, which would tax and regulate this crop that makes them rich.  The growers of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties decided that Prop 19 wasn’t right for them and all because they never had to pay taxes before for their crop.

Bret Bogue, who owns Apothecary Genetics, said, “They’re country people, they don’t know how to pay taxes.”  Well let me tell you something, everyone pays taxes for something, land, jobs, or just to buy something.  They should realize that legalization would help the marijuana business throughout the country making them even more money than they do now.  These are the same people that will be complaining when they get locked up in prison that  marijuana should be legalized.  It’s their own faults at this point if DEA catches them and get federal charges put on them.  We need every person to vote for legalization and that includes the growers, who you think would be automatic in a situation like this.

Bogue says that Prop 19 would have destroyed Northern California, but I disagree with him completely.  It would have created a legal business in which people wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail.  I understand it is legal medically right now in California, but not for everyone.  When you have people like me who are recreational users it is a constant look over your shoulder.  Shouldn’t we all have the same rights?

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