Second hand weed detection

Second hand weed detection, It is quite a common query whether second hand weed can be detected in drug tests or not. The answer is no. One has to be in a closed up room smoking marijuana and the smoke needs to be thick so that visibility becomes dif?cult, and only then will a weed drug test the following day detect pot smoking.
Usually hair testing is conducted to detect weed smoking. However if the first weed test result is positive, the hair sample is washed and this sample as well as the water is re-tested . This time around the testing is done for metabolite levels and not for THC. If the test result is negative then under the laws of secondary weed smoking the man is released. Most importantly a proper weed drug test would be able to deduce roughly , the drug habits for the last month of the person in question. Hence in that case, anybody who hasn’t actually smoked up is quite safe.

Basically when any kind of drug testing is done on our body, what is tested is the amount of metabolites in the body. The cut off levels for most tests are standard and one is usually aware of them. However in some cases, some authorities might want to keep an even lower cut off scale. It is also possible for anyone to test oneself at home and check for metabolites. However what can’t be tested at home is the THC level.
There are different ways of course to fool the test. But while some methods are reliable, like synthetic urine available in the market, and detox drinks like pure gold which gets rid of these metabolites and THC. However most people who try fooling the authority are caught and end up in a bigger mess, they face the consequences of losing their jobs and of course serious punishment under Law. The best suggestion would of course be to avoid drugs before the drug testing, after all why risk such dreadful consequences?
A drug test can not only detect the last few days of marijuana consumption but also for the last few weeks, hence fooling such a test is not at all an easy task. Different drug weed tests take different amount of time to give the result, as it depends on the body type of the patient, amount of consumption of drugs and of course the method of testing.

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