Indian Affairs help bust Marijuana crop on trust land

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services Division of Drug Enforcement helped Caddo County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office in the discovery of a drug operation by a leaseholder looking for lost livestock.  The land was being lease near Carnegie, Okla.

A Kiowa tribal member is said to be leasing the land and engaging in a drug operation.  The collaborative effort between divisions  started in early August and ended with the seizure of the marijuana operation dismantling along with the arrest of the suspect.

The Sheriff’s Office received a tip that marijuana was being produced on federal Indian trust land near Carnegie.  This led to another follow up then to the dismantling of the whole marijuana operation on the land.  The police apprehended one of the two suspects involved in the operation.

Just goes to show you how many problems the drug causes being illegal.  Even farmers of agricultural crops are looking for alternatives to the economy to sustain loss of their livestock.  If we could get proposition 19 passed then people, including Indians wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail over a non-violent substance.

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