When your asked to take a drug test there are some important things you need to find out if you want to pass it

When doing a drug test there are ways to pass the drug test if you are infect doing drugs. You just need to do some careful research and planning before you go and take your drug test. Remember just because you have notification that you have to take a drug test does not mean it’s the end of the world. Just relax and do some careful planning to get yourself ready for this.

Finding Out The Method of Testing
You should try and find out before hand if this is a urine sample drug test, a drug test from saliva or if it is a drug test where they take a bit of hair. A good way to find out the method of testing without casting suspicion on yourself is to ask if you should not urinate a few hours before hand to save up urine for test. This method can rule out the possibility of a urine sample. Other questions you can ask is its okay to eat before testing as this can rule out the possibility of using saliva in the drug test. The last good question to ask is if it’s okay that you bleach your hair as this can rule out a hair follicle test.

What Drugs
The next thing you need to do is make a list of all the drugs that you have taken recently. Some drugs are much harder to get out of your system than others. For example Marijuana is actually very easy to get out of your system so beating the THC drug test should actually be a very easy task. However if you’re doing harder drugs such as cocaine or meth you may be in for a much more difficult task.

The Dreaded Hair Test
Just remember though that some tests are almost impossible to beat. The hair follicle test is a good example of this – there is no way to beat this test unless you can replace the hair follicles they sample with clean samples. If you try and shave your head they will just go for other areas of the body to get samples including your eyebrows, pubic hair, arm hair and arm pit hair. If you shave your entire body it’s going to be looked at as an admission that you do drugs so don’t even try that!

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