Curious how to get a false positive in a blood test?

Why do people want to test for alcohol? The previous, is a very common question nowadays, particularly amongst the youth. What information can an alcohol test convey? Alcohol abuse statistics show us that there is a high volume of substantial evidence that comes through, such as alcohol syndrome is preventable.
Statistics such as this show us that increasing pressure is been applied on drunk driving legislators to be much more tough on those of whom are committing such an offence. Confirmation even further shows that with most alcohol, possibly even all, highway fatalities could be prevented if only the number of drink drivers could be compressed and diminished into an unaccountable figure.

Alcohol abuse statistics even further show how high school children and college administrators are coming down like a ton of bricks on those who are crossing the firm boundaries which are shown to them upon their arrival. Over 80% of 13 year olds talk about the fact that they have regularly drank alcohol.
So the question on their lips, and many other people who many be searching is: how do I cheat these tests? Well, one remedy which is suggested by various sources is that you can have a mouthful of peanut butter before the test. There is no science behind this, but it is proved by some cases to have worked splendidly.
Upon a recent series of a popular television program, it appeared that they busted the myth that claims mints, putting a penny in your mouth, eating jam beforehand, or anything of the sort will not grant you access to your desired position of beating the breathalyser. Although, one notable thing from this is: if you have mouthwash beforehand- it will mess up the reading.
Maybe at this time we should look at the definitions of an alcohol test: a breath or saliva test, unable to be beaten. It is administered for the purpose of determining the presence or absence of alcohol or its metabolites in a person’s bodily tissue, fluids, or products.
This is probably your best chance then however of beating a breathalyser test, but it does not seem possible in the slightest to beat a blood test, due to the sheer dexterity of it. You could always try and beat up the person conducting it: but that, I am afraid to note, is your very best hope of tricking the system.

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