Cocaine is considerable one of the hardest drugs- but is is the easiest to be detected?

Like most drug users, you want to stop. You want to stop the way it makes you feel, the continued lows and the saddened highs- the damp spirits always looming over you. One of these particular lows which is hanging over you could be the fact that you have an upcoming drugs test. How do you beat it? Luckily for you, this website is here to help guide you through your cocaine addiction and stay undetected. Follow the next, simple steps, and you will live another day- free from the constraints of the police cells. Five easy steps.

STEP ONE: Don’t use drugs for three to five days
Contrary to popular belief, you can stop your addiction… well, at least for five days. Stop it, and you can resume when you’re done. Easy enough?

STEP TWO: Use mouthwash.
You need to be ready for the chances that they will use more than one tack to try and catch you out. Don’t give them any chance to and give your mouth a good ol’ clean out.

STEP THREE: Present yourself well.
I know this may sound superficial, but if you turn up looking like royalty, they will be more inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t turn up looking and stinking like a tramp. Take a wash.

STEP FOUR: Stay calm.
Don’t be a fool and be paranoid, as this will ring alarm bells with the officials. Take it cool, smile, have a laugh with them. Be pleasant.

You’ve done it. Now enjoy your life.

But honestly now, no jokes, life is much better without drugs. They will become a major obstacle within your life. Last year, according to a reliable source, there were nearly 30,000 arrests made by just one, small law firm. That number is just minute compared to the people who actually deserved to be arrested. So many reasons emerge every day why not to do drugs. Money. One dirty problem. $40 dollars, you would probably pay for some crack about the size of a letter in this article. Cheap? Worth it? Why don’t you buy some deodorant and start living a real life?

Seriously, put everything into perspective. You are wasting your life: you need to change in order to get change. Save your money, make a difference in life. Do what is right.

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