Be careful when searching for information on drug testing online

One of things that amazes me in my travels through the internet is how much information there is on drug testing. I believe that online there is more information on drug testing then there is porn, spam and whiney emo people combined. I think drug testing is becoming one of the most popular items that is searched for on the internet.

Drink Your Urine?
Seriously if you do a search for things related to drug testing you find millions of results for these things. Its almost as information overload on all this stuff. I was reading through this and some of the results just amaze me.
One page offers methods on how to pass a drug test when your doing drugs. They recommend you drink your own urine. Yes I’m being serious! I don’t understand how drinking your own urine will help you pass a drug test, but if its on the internet it must be true (and that’s sarcasm by the way). I really think whoever this is was trying to get people to do absolutely disgusting things just so he can get a good laugh at their expense.

Very Special Treats For Special Friends
Then there is another page I found that offered information on how to get an enemy to have a false positive during a swab drug test. This page made me laugh so hard. They recommended feeding him brownies filled with every drug imaginable the night before his drug test and then filling his drink with ingredients left over from a meth lab. If you ask me what this guy is recommending might kill him but it still made me laugh. I wonder if anyone has followed this person’s recommendation.

Just Be Careful what you find online!
I’m sorry if this page is not what you are looking for. I know it does not contain the hard facts on how to pass a drug test when you’re doing drugs or info on heroin drug testing but I thought it would be a good idea to make people aware of the amount of stupid information out there when looking up information on drug testing and how to pass a drug test online. You need to be careful what you believe from the internet because to make a webpage you don’t have to prove it’s factual.

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