New Hemp is very Old

Growing hemp for food and fiber is a 12,000-year-old endeavor.  From George Washington to Thomas Jefferson grew hemp.  A little known fact is that Jefferson drafted our Declaration of Independence on Hemp paper.

Hemp seeds used for food ingredient have hulls removed.  This effectively eliminates all but the most microscopic amounts of THC.  Shelled hemp seeds in food products typically contain less than 3 parts-per million of THC.  This means that when 20 percent of a food’s ingredients are shelled hemp seeds with only 2 ppm THC level, a person must eat 50 pounds of the foodstuff to get high or marijuana-like intoxicated.

Hemp is becoming more and more looked at as alternatives to many things.  It is not only good for fiber and food, but now they can build homes out of it.  If this industry has been around for thousands of years than shouldn’t we embrace it rather than discourage it?  Either way hemp is becoming more and more popular with people.  Health food stores and other grocery stores are realizing this and stocking hemp products.  Legalize and lets be free.

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