PA woman hides Marijuana in diaper

Stefani Plume, Trooper for PA, stopped a western Pennsylvania woman who tried to hide marijuana in a child’s dirty diaper.  When she asked permission to search the woman’s car, the woman allegedly handed the diaper to the trooper and asked her to toss it into a bag of garbage inside the vehicle.

Plume thought it was odd that Banks, who is 23, would hand over the wet diaper instead of throwing it in the bag herself.  The trooper checked inside and fond a small bag of marijuana.  Plume described the traffic stop in court when Banks had to appear, where she waived her right to a preliminary hearing.  Banks will have to enter a special probation program for the first time offenders that will enable her to record to be expunged if she complies with her probation terms.

It was pretty smart of the trooper to check the diaper and pretty stupid of Banks to consent to the search.  As long as marijuana is illegal you have to be careful of what you do when transporting your medicine.  Lets legalize marijuana and go back to being free again.

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