Medical Marijuana patients need to be protected from State, Federal Laws

Federally, marijuana is a Schedule I drug determined by Congress and has no accepted medical marijuana uses in the United States.  So in 40 years the governments policy has not changed. Every type of use is considered to be illegal and punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

The federal government refuses to even consider the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, which is a system of receptors that exist in every organ of the human body that interacts with marijuana’s molecular components.  Even the DEA’s Judge Young found pot to be the “safest therapeutically active substance known to man.”

In the state of New Jersey, Sen. Nicholas Scutari introduced a resolution into the NJ Legislature that urges Gov. Christie it support and advocate H.R. 2835, which will protect patients legally along with their caretakers and medical marijuana suppliers.  H.R. 2835 ill forbid the federal government from prohibiting or restricting this drug medically and the programs in any medical marijuana state.  This bill will also change Marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug, which like over the counter drugs is controlled by the state through readily available pharmacies by prescription.

This new law will help support the patients from harassment, being arrested, or prosecuted.  It gives legislators and the governor and opportunity to resolve the problems that result in conflicting federal and state policies.

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