Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijauana Card

Medical Marijauana Card

Marijuana was one of the most dreaded substances in early and middle times of the last century but today the friendly neighborhood “pot” is making an interesting comeback. This comeback is in the form of medicinal marijuana. Yes! You may very soon find your physician prescribing you a small dose of marijuana instead of any pain killer or sedative or relaxant. This isn’t a thing of the future, this is real and this is now. Many states across the United States have finally woken up and taken notice of things that have already shook up in other countries. Marijuana based medicine and facilities for utilizing those options are cropping up in states across U.S. with California leading the race. We look at some new terms and facilities that you may hear in near future and may even like to use yourself.

Marijuana Medical use
This is nothing but marijuana used for medical purposes in treatments and as medicine. Marijuana has been proved to work as muscle relaxant and powerful aid for helping to induce hunger in patients undergoing chemotherapy and even HIV positive patients. Apart fromthis it can be used to cure uneasiness, nausea and vomiting sensations. A lot more simple and complex applications are in research and will be applicable soon. The application of marijuana in medicine depends upon the cannabinoids present in the dose.  Another added advantage is that medicinal marijuana can be introduced into the patient’s body through a number of methods and the choice is unlimited for e.g.: the marijuana can be vaporized, smoked, ingested directly or just the extract be ingested.

Medical marijuana card
This is a kind of identification or permit issued by local or federal governing agency of an area for allowing the permit holder to grow marijuana for medical uses in known and controlled capacities and quality. This marijuana is only used for medication and not for other purposes. The quantity, quality and type of marijuana grown are controlled by the permit. The crops sold will be levied with taxes and in places where this process is already implemented the profits reaped by the government is very good. Such permits normally have a yearly validity and this means each crop season will bring more business to the government also defaulters can be sorted out easily.

Medical marijuana dispensaries
These are government approved points of marijuana distribution which sell small amounts of medicinal marijuana to the needy. The patients need to bring a valid prescription from a certified medical practitioner with exact details of the ailment, treatment and need of the specific type and quantity of marijuana. The dispensaries buy marijuana from the medical marijuana card holders who grow the crop and provide the different types of marijuana in good quantities to the dispensaries. These dispensaries may fall under the state laws but federal governments do have their share of control over them. Such dispensaries are already galore in states such as New Mexico, Maine, Rhode Island, Montana, Michigan, Colorado and California. California is the biggest player in this modern industry making marijuana its biggest cash crop. These dispensaries can be seen as new age alternative medicine centers which serve cannibinoid based remedies instead of normal medicines. A medical marijuana dispensary is as much responsible for the well being and safety of its patients as is a normal dispensary and federal laws keep a check on them.

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