Drugs. Crystal meth. Pass a drugs test? Yes please.

People who are responsible for other peoples lives should without a doubt be held to high standards, committing 100% to a fantastic job performance. But urine testing, will it help employers to guarantee that? If employers in transportation and a plethora of other industries are concerned with the public’s safety, they should without a doubt deject the urine testing which is deemed imperfect and test job performance. Use of drugs inevitably cost industries millions each year due to lack of activity, making the industry worth less. Why is this relevant? Read on and you’ll find out.

Actually, there are no clear estimates about the economic costs to industry resulting from drug use by workers, we know that the actual drug industry is growing. Proponents of drug testing claim the costs are high, but they have been hard pressed to translate that claim into real figures. It seems foolish to think that while one seedy industry is growing, the other is failing. Therefore, the companies will want time back, and they will do this by conducting drugs tests. Meaning then, if you’re a drug user- you need to watch out.
There is a product on the market which claims to, in one hour, will guarantee your success at passing any drug test. It extends into a range with drinks, capsules, synthetic urine, urine additives and shampoo hair tests. It goes on to say that it will even get rid of any legal or prescription drugs which may cause false positive results. Can this be true? Surely not. Whilst such a criticism may be too sweeping, it sounds rather true. There are many items on the market that do work, although not in one hour. It takes up to two days for the effects to work and for you to be clean- so make sure you stay away from offers such as these.
Strategies such as just washing your hair thoroughly whilst just leaving shampoo in for up to an hour will work for hair tests, with drinking lots of orange juice being said to work. The science behind these theories is unknown, but a common factor within all of these tales is that they are all said to work by people from personal experience.
Don’t burn your money by buying a fake product and getting punished for it. Make sure you use the home made concealers, for a true escape from the grasp of the law.

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