As the number of people using drugs are rising- what about the number of people getting caught?

Amongst drug usage sky-rocketing over the past few years, saliva drug testing has become an established pillar of society. It is a given, it is certain- like the sun comes up in the morning. One of the reasons why it is so useful is because it does not need a lab involved in the first instance as it can be conducted on the spot- making it handy for those do-gooder police. It is also known as what the professionals call ‘non-intrusive’ – therefore it does not have embarrassment issues with people kicking up a fuss.

The test itself is carried out by just swabbing inside the cheek and then rubbing it on what is know colloquially as a test card. Soon- this will give either a negative or positive rating. Lets hope it is negative if you ever have to get it done. It is not as popular as a urine test however, due to the point regarding the drug metabolite level found in saliva. This then exacerbates things, as it cannot detect users who have been clean for the past few days. This should not be a problem however, as these tests are usually performed sporadically.

On the market, there are an unbelievable range of products that claim to you that they will ensure you are immune from getting found out. Over the years, the government have plunged so much money into probing these techniques, and one by one diminishing them of their natural uses. So, the question is: are there still any of them that work? We will see through this article, where we discover whether we can beat the saliva drugs test efficiently.

The saliva tests which are offered in their various quantities online simply cleanse the toxins from you mouth. They also claim that they are simple to use when subject to saliva drug tests. Their marketing techniques range from trying to scare you, and trying to sympathise with the position that you’re in. Others simply say: be prepared. The universal technique for oral mouthwash is like any of the ordinary range- simply swill and spit it out once feeling clean. The claims go as far to say that it is two-hundred percent guaranteed to work!

However, does this work?

The main ingredients revealing themselves namely as; water, glycerine, magnesium sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Boron Citrate, lithium sulphate, peppermint, sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate. This elusive list brings to mind some strong chemicals, which raises the awareness question: is this safe? One thing is certain: this is far too much for a mere breathalyser test, which appears to have a spasm when mouthwash is brought into line of it.

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