Marijuana or Marijuana Ice cream – Which one you want?

Time appears to have come to choose between pot smoking and eating a bowl of ice cream. The medical marijuana dispensary has started selling ice creams – Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie marijuana-infused ice creams – alongside run-of-the-mill bags of pot.

The ice cream is yet to be consumed on site; but marijuana patients have the option to buy and take their medication home either to smoke or enjoy with dessert. Proprietor Jonathan Kolodinski says that at present they have three flavors of ice cream; however they are planning for more flavors in future. Kolodinski has opened the dispensary in front of Dominican Hospital this week.

Marijuana ice cream has been in existence since ‘60s and lots of Internet sites carry their recipes. Users have been exchanging recipe info through Internet. However, commercial sale of this ice cream is in the nascent stage and if the California voters decide to make marijuana usage legal this November prospects of selling this ice cream to other than prescription users looks good.

Steve Kubby, national director of the American Medical Marijuana Association said that this is just a drop in the ocean. He says that marijuana legalization under Proposition 19 would only accelerate an already growing marketplace for marijuana. Many people are coming out with new recipes tha incude marijuana in the diet.

Prior to opening the dispensary in Paul Sweet Road, Kolodinski was selling packaged ice cream to other dispensaries and the response was encouraging. According to Nancy Black, everybody loves to eat ice cream; since this ice cream has manageable amount of marijuana it does not have the taste of the drug.

Black says that old-time pot smokers had the misconception that marijuana tastes bad and this is based on the olden days bad-tasting brownies.. However that situation doesnot exist at present.

The ice cream comes in half-pint containers and cost $15. It contains 2 to 4 doses.

It appears that County Supervisor John Leopold, is planning for a county ordinance this fall for regulating the marijuana retailers.

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